Welcome. Getting started..

Welcome to your new hosting plan. We are happy to have you aboard.Download the cPanel user manual.
Please read this page completely. It contains important information. Also, please add server-eu.com to your email whitelist!

Now that you have purchased your plan, it is time to set up your account.

Please send an email to setup@server-eu.com and tell us your desired user name. We will then open your account on one of our servers. (Please click the email link. It will automatically fill in the subject line. If you can’t, please enter “New account at Server-EU.com” in the subject line.)

We will email you back with your IP address and your access URL. The URL will take you directly to your server control panel (cPanel) or, if you are a reseller, your Web Host Manager (WHM) also from cPanel. Your domain will already be set up and active. With your user name and password, you will be ready to upload right away.

Now change your DNS – You will need to access your registrar’s settings for your domain. (GoDaddy, NameCheap, where ever you registered your domain.) Normally just signing into your account at the registrar will bring you to this information within a click. Look for your DNS (Domain Name Server) settings. You will need to change the DNS to point at your new server.

Choose “Custom DNS” or something similar and, then, change the existing DNS info to ours. Our nameservers are:


There are sometimes areas to enter enter more Name Servers but these two are enough. Just leave any remaining spaces blank.

Sometimes, it takes a few hours for the DNS changes to ‘propagate’. Fancy talk for the time it takes for the internet to realize that your website is being pointed in a new direction. 🙂

You can upload your site to the new server before the DNS propagates, if you wish. Just use the site ip address as the ftp host and the control panel username and password for the account as the ftp user and pass.

It is also a good idea to register as a member of our ever growing social network here at our site. You will find a helpful community of like-minded individuals who can help when trouble is encountered.